BeadTrove Reveal March 2016

Regalia Pattern

by Twyla Harbick

Twyla is an amazing designer and we are thrilled to feature her as our March 2016 artist!

Thank you for sharing with us Twyla!

"My foray into the beading world began when a friend and I went to visit a new LBS that was opening in our community. In the window was a sign that read; Beading Classes - Sign up inside! I looked at my friend and said, "Let's take a class!" As that old saying goes, "That was all she wrote."

That first class was for a flat spiral bracelet, and admittedly, from that point forward, I was completely smitten with the art of bead weaving! I am for the most part a self taught bead weaver, designer, and work in progress. Often I would go online and search websites that offered free tutorials for all the bead weaving stitches. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and that still stands true for me today.

With each new stitch and various patterns I experimented with, I found I had a tendency to experiment with the original design and desires to tweak the patterns, etc. I realized with a little confidence and some experience, I would be able to create my own jewelry designs. I already had a background in graphic design, so I knew that creating tutorials for those designs wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

One day while I was browsing sites online, I happened upon The Bead Maven's website, and they were having what they called a "Bead Maven Meld" contest. This was in 2011. The gist of the contest was that you could take any patterns you liked from the Bead Mavens tutorials that they offered for sale and "meld" those patterns into a new design, and that would be your contest entry. I wanted very much to enter, but I felt very inexperienced and truly lacked the confidence to go forward. A couple of friends encouraged me to just go for it.... "win or lose, do it for the experience of the experience." So I did... I purchased two of Cynthia Newcomer Daniels patterns and set out to set the beading world on fire... lol! Well, in case you are wondering, I didn't win! BUT.... I did take second place, which was pretty thrilling for a first time attempt at entering a beading contest, and believe me, the competition was stiff!! I am relating this because participating in that contest did everything to elevate my confidence levels. At the time, I was relatively unknown in the beading world, and more importantly, I desire for you to know how important it is to always go for the things you want to accomplish... win or lose! Its the experience and journey that matters. This experience solidified for me that I could indeed come up with my own designs, and my Etsy store, Lady Abeada Designs, was born. Two years later, I, myself was a Bead Maven, along with Mikki Ferrugiaro, Val Clifton, Aurelio Castano, Patrick Duggan, Neva Brown and Mandi Aimsworth.

For the last four years I have created my own designs and written tutorials for those designs and sold them in my Etsy Store.

I am currently a member of the Back2Bead Glam Squad with fellow designers, Diane Dennis and Val Clifton. I remain unpublished at this point in time, but hope to remedy that fact, in the not so distant future. Reach for the sky, go after the things you want... and remember, ALWAYS.... Bead True to Yourself!!"

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