The Amazing Beaded Box

Little beaded box secrets for success!

Hexagon Beaded Box by Kathryn DePue

Kathryn was thrilled by the response to the post of one of her beaded boxes on BeadTrove's Facebook page.  We had several people message us with questions about making a beaded box, so I asked Kathryn if she had any secrets to share with others. She got her pattern from Julia Pretl's book Little Bead Boxes It is a great book with several fun boxes in different shapes.  There is also a section on designing your own boxes for the more adventurous.  Kathryn is an experienced beader but the first box had a definite learning curve.

 One of Kathryn's many creations.

Here are a few tips to make a beautiful beaded box. 

  • When choosing colors make sure they contrast well.
  • Do not use matte beads for the main color, they seem to break much more easily.
  • Make sure that your work is snug, but not too tight or you will have issues running back through the beads later on.
  • As you work on the base of box and lid lay your work down between each row and smooth to make sure your tension is even and your work isn't getting puckered.
  • Use fireline 4 or 6 lb. test not nymo, fireline is much stronger.
  • These are not beginner projects, a good working knowledge of the peyote stitch is imperative.
  • The directions for making the hem on the box need some clarification:  Row 3 of the hem is a repeat of row 2 minus the corner beads, then row 4 is a repeat of row 2.
  • The instructions in bold refer to the corner so when you see C (3) this means that you pick up 3 of color C at one time to increase at the corner.
  • The instructions in plain font refer to the rest of the row so C (3) means that the next 3 beads in the peyote row will be color C - picked up 1 bead at a time.
  • If you are not very familar with the peyote stitch Fusion Beads has some great peyote stitch tutorials.
If you have any other questions about making a bead box or other project, give us a shout

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