April BeadTrove Reveal - Rivoli Star Earrings beading pattern by Ella Des

This month in our quest to learn from the best beading artisans from around the world, we are elated to feature artisan Ella Des. 

Thank you for sharing your talent with us Ella!



“Ok, I confess:  ” I am a bead addict and  I am happy with that!”

But what is maybe more important to you, I like to share the things I know about beading. So, “Welcome to my learning center!” And for the record: I am still learning…

With my  beaing tutorials you can learn a variety of beading techniques, bead work stitches and how to make our own precious jewelry.

You will also find some beading shapes what are common in the “beading world” You can find them almost everywhere.

I didn’t invent them.  I made them on my way! When you learn the system how to bead, then it depends on your own creativity what you are going to do with it.
How you are going to make combinations (different shapes, different stitches, different beads…) and finally  you will make your own masterpiece.  Don’t forget that inspiration is everywhere!!!


Ella’s beading patterns are exceptional.  She uses lots of photos and graphics to lead you in making amazing beaded creations.  We have chosen the Rivoli Star pattern for the various techniques included in the pattern.  This beading pattern is great for beginners or more advanced beaders.  If you have never beaded Ella walks you through learning how to start round peyote, then shows you how to decrease in peyote to make a star bezel and ends by teaching you how to make picots, all culminating in a stunning pair of earrings.


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