The Bead Trove Story

Welcome to!  I, Krystie, am very excited about this new venture that my daughter and I are headed into.  I have been crafting for years and much to my joy, my daughter has caught the crafting bug as well.

Several weeks before her 16 th birthday I began the hunt to find a unique gift for my teenaged daughter. I have had a yarn subscription, since I love knitting as well as beading, and my husband said, "How about getting Kathryn a bead project of the month subscription?" I thought it was a great idea, so began my search on-line for such a program.
I was surprised to discover that no such service existed. But when I mentioned the birthday idea to my daughter, her response was, "Oh goody!  When does it start?” to which I had to reply that we needed to create it and thus, was born.  

My passion for handcrafted items began when my Grandmother taught me to crochet before I was 6.  Over the years I have learned to knit, cross-stitch, embroidery, sew, and of course BEAD.  I have learned many beading techniques over time, including loom, peyote, square stitch, brick stitch, bead weaving and more.

I have the privilege of meeting with a group of women in Eagle each week to share ideas, teach and learn new beading techniques and patterns.   We all know the importance of community in learning new skills and have worked together to master new techniques and encourage one another when we run into difficulties.  

Using the skills I have learned from others, I have been building my handcrafted jewelry business, Log Cabin Creations, since 2000, expanding into 20 gift shops throughout Alaska.  

Busy Beaders
Busy Beaders at Yukon Ron's

Kathryn and I not only want to encourage other beaders to grow their talents, but also show off the amazing bead projects of talented designers. The beauty of BeadTrove is that it provides stunning bead patterns by indie artists and designers and all the supplies needed for the subscriber to make a beautiful, unique creation, on an affordable monthly subscription basis.  

We are a community at BeadTrove: we want to show off your finished projects and help when you run into a snag. Join us on and visit the blog regularly to learn tips, techniques and see what we are all working on.  

Happy beading!


  • MarJean Peters

    I’m so excited for you! So you are, among so many other things, an entrepreneur! Good for you! May God richly bless you in this endeavor as you reflect His creative character!

  • Jennifer

    SO excited to see all the fun projects that will coming out of Bead Trave kits! What a cool idea!

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