Bead Where You Are Planted

I read an article awhile back sharing the author’s top 10 tips for beginning beaders, I really agreed with most of the article. The tips included making sure you use the right tool for the project, have good light, and remember that what you consider a mistake isn’t necessarily bad; all good advice. The one point I didn’t really agree with was the idea that to bead well you need to have a specific dedicated spot/room for your beading.

When I first started on my beading journey we lived in a tiny 20x20 cabin – 5 of us. There wasn’t a lot of space to dedicate to anything, in fact we got rid of our couch and used bean bags to sit on so the kids would have a little more floor space to play.

If I had waited to have a dedicated spot, I may never have started beading. My first beading projects were made at the kitchen table with my supplies in a tin and the lid as my beading tray. I would have to pack up the tin and put it away for every meal.

Then we moved into a house that was almost twice the size and I graduated to a portable desk and a “real” beading tray that I would move from spot to spot.

Now many years later I do have a dedicated work area, I have a computer desk with a hutch that I have turned into my beading area. It makes my life easier since I am supplying over 20 gift shops throughout Alaska with my jewelry, but it wasn’t necessary when I was first learning.

So in my mind, where you bead is not nearly as important as just beading. If you only have 30 minutes, pull the tin out and sit at the kitchen table. Wherever you bead, embrace that spot and bead!

P.S. I still have the tin and use it when we travel or I am headed to “bead night”.

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