December Kit Reveal!

Hip To Be Square Bracelet

BeadTrove is proud to feature Ralph Helmrich of

as December's artist!

 Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

I am Ralph, engineer, husband, father of two. When Leah, my oldest child, was 12 years old, we stopped at a camp site. There, she met a teenage girl who showed her some very basic jewelry making techniques. After that, Leah became fascinated with this whole new world that had become accessible to her. Being homeschooled, this creative hobby quickly became a great school project with several goals in mind. As part of the project, we set up a business for her. This proved to be an effective way to help her learn the basics of sales and income. In what seemed like no time at all, not only did Leah’s artisan skills grow, but the business became quite successful. One day, while picking out supplies for Leah's projects, I picked out an on-sale chainmaille set for myself. I loved making the chainmaille set, but was not satisfied with the quality and colors of jump rings. Even after purchasing from a variety of brands, I was still unable to find the quality and colors I desired. Putting my many years as an engineer to good use, I started to make my own jump rings. Soon thereafter, while reflecting upon my frustration in finding high-quality supplies, the idea to sell them hit us. Ironically, I did not think they would sell, but to my surprise, the jump rings sold out the same day we listed them. So of course we had to make more and list too, which also sold out! One day, when I got back from fishing, my wife had set up an Etsy shop setup for me to sell my handmade jump rings. Here we are, 190,000+ sales later, and I have not gone fishing since.
All the Best!





December's BeadTrove included the supplies to make 2 bracelets and a pair of earrings or a necklace using Ralph's design. Don't forget your coupon code included with your kit when you visit Unkamen Supplies! 

We have a limited number of kits avaliable from this month!  Try a BeadTrove or send December's BeadTrove as a gift.  

We are eagerly awaiting posting finished products in a couple of weeks!

Happy Beading!


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