Fun with jump rings!

Jump rings are a very valuable and often frustrating beading component.  If you have never worked with them it maybe difficult at first to handle them correctly.    Below is a great little video showing how to open and close a jump ring.  A big thank you to Jewelry Tutorial HQ!
Jump rings play an important role in this month's project from Unkamen Supplies. 
A few tips and pictures to make your project a success.
When you are making the mobius completely close one set of colored jump rings
and open the other two sets.
As you attach the mobius to the square link you will notice that the fit is somewhat tight, we found it easier to attach the mobius to the square link if we first put the jump ring through the mobius and then slipped the square link on to the jump ring and closed.
Place 1 or 2 of the shaggy beads per E jump ring so that they move easily on the jump rings for more flash when worn.  The shaggy beads can be hooked to the square links or to the jump ring attaching the mobius.
Looking forward to sharing finished projects next week!
Have lots of fun - let us know if you have any questions - just contact us.

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