Chainmaille Treasury of Tips and Tricks

Are you getting hooked on joining rings together to make amazing designs?  I know we are!  Here are some  free patterns, tutorials and videos to help increase your chainmaille skills!  A big thank you to   Blue Buddha Boutique
for providing these resources.
The Illusion Loops Earrings are a great pattern that make up super fast.
Or for something a little more challenging, check out the free Double Spiral pattern.

Looking for some videos that can help with chainmaille techniques - this Shaggy Loops video is great.
Running into trouble with some of the jumprings not closing perfectly?  Here is a great video on fixing jumprings.
Looking for more ideas check out these other free chainmaille patterns.
Want to see some other chainmaille videos - here are a number of excellent ones.
We love feedback - let us know how your projects are coming along, and send us pictures!

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