Finishing Touches!

What makes a DIY piece of jewelry
either look hand-made or hand-crafted?

The secret is in the finishing!

Here are a few ways that make ending your project easy and add a touch of class to your creation.

Whenever possible continue the theme and color scheme to the clasp. Adding a few accent beads right before the clasp can add extra sparkle, extend the length of your piece, and give your creation a professional touch. This is a great technique to use on January's project.

Check out the difference!

Without accent beads...
With accent beads...

Finishing step-by-step!

  • Place accent beads and clasp on your thread
  • Run your needle back down accent beads making a loop that holds the clasp
  • Run your thread down several beads into your piece
  • Knot the thread using an overhand knot around the beading thread between two beads
  • Run the thread back up and through the clasp, back down accent beads past your first knot by a couple of beads
  • Knot around the beading thread
  • Run through more beads, knot again
  • Run through more beads and then carefully cut off end. 

Use this technique for both ends of your project. If you are using a lobster or spring ring clasp you can make your creation adjustable if you use chain with 3mm or larger links for the hook end.

Now you have a beautifully finished project!

Jump rings and Clasps

Some creations need to be finished using jump rings to attach the clasp. A quick way to make sure your clasp stays secure is to use 2 jump rings rather than 1 to attach the clasp.

This is a great way to finish off
December's and February's projects.

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  • Lily Nevarez

    Love the way designs drastically change. They’re simple but elegant and beautiful. Thank you so much for the information and pictures.

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