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Have a beading technique question or wonder which thread is best for a project?

We have several articles and work to expand our collection of informational blog entries.  However, we want to make sure that you have the newest, freshest ideas and help for all your beading questions, but know we aren't able to answer or anticipate all your beading questions or issues; so we thought we should introduce you to our BeadTrove collection of boards on Pinterest which brings you new resources and ideas as soon as we discover them.

Our main board features ideas from past artist and potential future artist/projects and can be found here:   Beading Designs we Love!

We have created a number of other boards to keep you beading merrily along: One board is a collection of our favorite Beading Blogs.   A couple of miscellaneous boards that include some useful Bead Tools, and so that when the beads get difficult you don't give up some good Bead Humor.  We have a board dedicated to our Featured Artists.  We know there are many talented beading artists out there and we love showing off their work so we have a board featuring Amazing Breath-Taking Designs.  We also delight in sharing the work of our subscribers and have a board dedicated to Finished Projects From BeadTrove Beaders.

Several boards are dedicated to Beading Tips and Tutorials:   Wire Wrapping, Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Bead Weaving, Right-Angle Weave, Ending/Finishing, General Beading Know-How, Chainmaille, Exercises For Limber Beaders, and Thread and Wire Information.

If you have any other beading questions or think we need another board give us a shout at  


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