December 2016 BeadTrove Feature

Snowman Peyote Pattern by

Lisa Strassheim
Designer Extrodinare and Owner SmartArtsSupply
Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Lisa has shared a bit of her story with us, "I became fascinated by seed beaded creations as a small child and in my teens I began making loom beaded jewelry from Native American patterns I found in a book. I discovered that I could make my own patterns by using graph paper and colored pencils way back in the day before computers.  Through the years I developed my art abilities in several directions, creating fine abstract art paintings, porcelain cat dolls, and varied forms of jewelry while working full time as a Broadcasting Engineer.  In early 2016 I got back to my roots and began making patterns using seed beads. All my patterns can be found on my Etsy store Smart Arts Supply at  .  I also love creating custom patterns on request.

I like to challenge myself when developing a bead pattern. The patterns I create have to be realistic if from a photo, and use only 16 colors or less. Creating a detailed pattern in a small format size of around 2 by 7 inches in size is where the challenge happens. I like to think of these patterns as mini art paintings or mosaics for those who bead." Lisa has over 200 amazingly detailed patterns in her shop.  Almost like a bead by number painting!     

Some of Lisa's favorite patterns: 

Orange Tabby Cat  



Tropical Sunset   

Thank you again Lisa - you are an extrodinary artist!

If you haven't joined our beading adventure we invite you to bead along with us as we discover new patterns and beading stitches each month!




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