February 2017 Artisan Project Featuring....

Sabrina Legnani's

Czarina Earring Tutorial

Sabrina is the the creative genius behind Legioiedikiki on Etsy.

We so enjoying meeting bead lovers from around the world.  Beads seem to speak a language of their own and bind complete strangers.  We are excited to introduce you to Sabrina who makes her home in Italy.  We hope that hearing a bit about Sabrina's story will inspire many newbie beaders. 

"Just 4 years ago I saw a wonderful beaded pendant (created by Sabine Lippert) and I said, "I want it!"  Two hours later I said, "I have to be able to do this!"  And my beading journey began.  Beading became my passion and now I spend many hours creating with beads.
I love matching colors and playing with different techniques. Two years ago I start to design and write patterns using my favorite beading techniques. I love little earrings, pendants and necklaces; I work to create elegant beaded jewels to use everyday.
For many of my  patterns I use several beading techniques, including free form bead weaving.  I also love to create unique pieces with beaded embroidery and beaded crochet. I am still learning new techniques and improving my skills.  It is a joy to take different beading techniques and mix them together to create new original designs."

What an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your new found love of beading with us Sabrina! 

Sabrina has a great collection of tutorials in her Etsy shop, although English is not her first language the pictures illustrations guide you step by step through the tutorial and we found that the translations though rough were understandable.

Sabrina's facebook page keeps all her fans up-to-date on her newest creations!

Thank you for joining us in our beading adventure; we hope you are enjoying exploring the beaded creations of artists from around the world!  Happy Beading!




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