July Artisan Project Featuring....

Sabine Lippert's

Mingle Bangle


 Sabine Lippert is a leading European beader and teacher living in Bonn, Germany.  Sabine considers it was her fate to become a beader one day. As usual an artists way is never straight, so she had a career as a physician first, but crafting and needle-works have always been her passion. She believes there is no better feeling than creating something beautiful with your own hands! Getting technical skills from her father, an engineer, it was her mother who infected her with her mother's love to the decorative things in life. Her mother showed her and her sister the first basics for knitting, crochet or embroidery and Sabine's mother remember them doing one crafting frenzy after the other!  Since discovering high-quality beads, she began beading before work and continued after returning home, fascinated by the colors, the sparkle, the shapes, and the endless possibilities. Sabine has now turned to beading full-time. 


She has published two books in the US and has designed the new Rizo bead!   Beaded Fantasies Sabine's first books published in the U.S. includes her most dazzling and romantic designs. Her beautiful, inventive projects evoke the Gilded Age—but with contemporary, wearable designs for today’s beaders. Sabine's second book published in the U.S. Beadwork Evolution, features new techniques using Peyote Stitch and Right Angle Weave.

Visit Sabine's website TrytoBead for many more amazing tutorials.

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