June 2017 Artisan Project Featuring....

Laura Graham of Desert Star Creations


Brick Stitch Rivoli Earring Tutorial

Laura has numerous wonderful tutorials, it was hard to pick just one,  this month's project Brick Stitch Rivoli Earrings are so much fun to make and combine the beauty of bead weaving and brick stitch.

Thank you Laura for sharing your talent with us!

"All my life, I have always been a creative person. I have taken art and photography classes through years of schooling. I have worked in photo labs from 1HR to commercial labs, with photographers and with Photoshop to create graphic designs and put finishing touches on photographs.

Once when I was in my early twenties, a friend of mine let me use some of her beads to make a necklace of my own, it was a blast! I still have that necklace to this day. When I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007, life stopped for a while and the devastation of a disease I would fight everyday for the rest of my life was crushing. I started to look for a hobby to fill my time and saw that 15 yr old necklace hanging in my truck.....beads! The beading has really helped, its my therapy. I have developed a lot of patience and tolerance through beading while in pain and feeling exhausted. It helps take my mind off of things. I initially just made my family items for Christmas but then it quickly became a habit.

Now I have grown and increased my skills to include bead weaving. I love the challenge this new style of beading brings and have become well know for working with the newest beads, creating original designs and tutorials, I have won awards, I teach my designs local here in Las Vegas and have been published in leading industry magazines. I am also now a proud member of The Beadsmith Inspiration Squad with big things on the horizon for this and next year.
Aside from the beading and running my Etsy shop, I love camping and running my toys in the dunes of southern Nevada and California, I love movies and live music and there is no shortage of that in Las Vegas. I also run my home and take care of my husband and two cats, we love hockey and cant wait to go to our first NHL game for the Las Vegas Golden Knights!"



Laura is active online, you can visit her on the following sites


Thank you again Laura your creativity is inspiring!


To get in on this month's project click here!

Ready to join the beading adventure?  We would love to have you along on the journey!

Happy Beading!





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