Keeping us in Stitches - Bead Weaving Basics - June 2017

Most styles of beading can be technically considered "bead weaving".  This post will feature a few pattern tutorials and ideas that don't traditionally fall under other bead weaving categories.  

If you are a beginner or need a bit of a refresher we found Guide to Beadwork is a great resource.

Jill Wiseman has many amazing video tutorials to help sharpen your beading skills.  If you ever run into a situation where you end up with an extra bead, Jill's tutorial will guide you in how to remove the bead without taking out several rows...



 Some projects seem to be stiff and hold their shape well, but when your projects need to have some external force giving them the perfect shape, Bead Patterns has a great tutorial.



Free Bead Weaving Tutorials from The Spruce


And now that you have had lots of practice how but a really fun challenge?!  Make a BEADED BEAD!

We hope you have a marvelous time learning and sharpening your beading skills! 

Happy Beading!!


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