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Brick stitch

Brick stitch is another of the ancient beading techniques that was perfected by the Native Americans.  Brick stitch bead work has been found in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Guatemalan brick stitch piece were very intricate; using size 22/0 and smaller beads.

Brick stitch like peyote can be used to create detailed designs that have the colors bleed together.  A friend made the earrings above using the brick stitch technique.Brick stitch can be very versatile and is especially useful when making shaped pieces.

The first challenge to completing a brick stitch piece is reading a charted pattern; this issue can be solved by referring to our blog on peyote stitch and viewing a video from Facet that is invaluable.

We have found several great videos and print tutorials that explain how to make brick stitch creations. The videos are each some what different so if one doesn't appeal to your particular learning style another might.

Fire Mountain Gems


Bead Mavens



Jewelry Making Professor




Plus other great written tutorials by





If you know of more great resources teaching brick stitch, let us know by contacting us at and we can update this blog.

Thanks for being part of our beading adventure!

Happy Beading!





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