Keeping Us In Stitches - Herringbone

 The herringbone stitch is a stitch used in embroidery, knitting, beading and crochet. It is so named as it resembles the bones extending from the spine of a herring fish. In knitting, it is a stitch that creates a fabric pattern closely resembling a herringbone pattern, or herringbone cloth. The herringbone stitch can be made flat or round for a variet of projects.  Enjoy learning this new stitch with these great tutorials.


Beaded Jewelry Diva - Basic Herringbone


 Terri Gable - Herringbone Basics



The Spruce - Flat Herringbone

Fusion Beads - Basic Herringbone

And now that you have conquored flat herringbone, the next challenge is tubular herringbone.

Jill Wiseman - Tubular Spiral Herringbone

 Artbeads - Tubular Herringbone


FREE necklace pattern to try out your newly aquired skills!


Happy Beading!


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