Keeping Us In Stitches - Beadweaving on a Loom

Looming is one of my favorite beading techniques.  Many people's first thought when looming is mentioned is the small looms that were used at summer camp to make bracelets.  In reality bead looming can be used to create intricate wall hangings, to small bracelets, to shaped barettes.  Looming is traditionally thought of as the main bead technique of many Native American Tribes.  Each one may have used different styles of looms, but the basic warp and weft threads were used. 

The inital learning curve for looming is usually not too steep, but the desgin posibilities are nearly endless once the basics have been learned.  Some of our favorite tutorials will get you looming in no time....

Beadaholique's Basic Looming Tutorial

 Fire Mountain Gems' - Beginning Looming

 Katherina Kostinsky - Easy Looming for Complicated Shapes


The Spruce's Tutorial on weaving warp ends is essential to finish your projects!

Now that you have the basics we recommend you grab a few



Learning a new skill can be daugnting and fun, we hope these tutorials have taken the intimidation factor out of looming!

Happy Beading!






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