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Right Angle Weave

Right-Angle Weave, also known as RAW, is an off-loom bead weaving technique. This stitch is said to have originated somewhere in Africa, but examples can be found in bead work from many cultures, including Philippines, New Guinea and England.  Beads are stitched together with thread only making right angle turns. The result is an almost fabric like piece of bead work.

Right-angle weave can be woven using a one or two needle method. The thread pattern on single needle right-angle weave looks like a box, hence right-angle weave . For double needle right-angle weave, the threads cross each other along the center bead of each stitch as they head in opposite directions, creating a figure-eight thread pattern.  When two needles are used, it is often called cross-weaving (because the threads cross in opposite directions through the beads) and is the basic stitch used for Japanese-style bead work where it is often referred to as “Hachinoji-ami” or “Kousa-ami.”

RAW can be formed into flat pieces, tubes, or 3-dimensional figures. There are also variations on the basic stitch like cubic right angle weave, or CRAW. Right-angle weave is so-named because of the way the beads lie at right angles to one another. It is a very versatile weave and you can use any types or sizes of beads, as well as combinations of beads of different sizes and shapes to create different effects.  Our July project, Annie's Bracelet by featured artist Marcia Balonis.

RAW is a foundational stitch for many beaded pieces and a great skill to have in your beading tool chest. We have sifted through a number of tutorials on right-angle weave, these are some that do an exceptional job explaining/teaching the technique.


Right-Angle Weave by Deb Roberti of Around the Beading Table.

Right-Angle Weave techniques by Fusion Beads.


Right-Angle Weave Video Tutorial from Beadaholique


 Right-Angle Weave from Fire Mountain Gems



 The Beaded Jewelry Diva on Right-Angle Weave


We hope you find the videos and tutorials as informative as we do.  If you know of other great right-angle weave tutorials or books, please contact us at and we would love to update our blog to include them.

Happy Beading!



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