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Katarina Necklace Tutorial by

Penny Dixon

of Penny Dixon Designs

Thank you Penny for sharing your amazing talent and love for beading with us!


Penny became captivated with beading in 2009. She loves the constant learning and limitless creativity that beading affords. "I just love everything about it. I enjoy the process of beading as well as the result. It’s a journey where learning is always happening; techniques are constantly refined and creativity reigns. I’m amazed by the vast diversity of materials are out there and what can be done to make beautiful designs. With the prompting of several artists and beading enthusiasts, I started sharing my designs and doing a little teaching, too."


"I think the Yafa Petal earrings are my all time favorite project. I'd only been beading about a year when I came up with that design. Some of the stitches used were new to me, so it was exciting to see what came as a result of just having an idea and learning everything necessary for it to come to fruition."

 "A new design that I'll be teaching at the Bead & Button Show this summer is the Lady Grace bracelet. I love the simple classic lines of this piece, yet when worn, it makes a bold statement. Using shaped beads always creates such interesting silhouettes."


Teaching classes, being Artist of the Year in 2015 for Beadwork magazine and a TrendSetters designer for Starman, Inc. has only enhanced her love for beading and design. "I hope what you see here inspires you in your journey, too!"

You can contact Penny at,  visit her at, and follow her on Pinterest at Penny Dixon Designs.


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