November 2016 Artisan Project Featuring...

Joy Harmon

of Joy Harmon Designs

Snowflake Tutorial
Just in time for the holidays her Snowflake tutorial beads up quickly and is an amazing ornament.  We love the sparkle and shine!

Discovering her love of needle and fiber arts as a child, Joy Harmon has purposefully worked to develop her skills, knowledge of materials, and techniques in order to create her own designs and tutorials.

                Joy was inspired to design a large snowflake ornament for her mother who has a love for faceted crystal. Finding no available tutorials for the size or shape she envisioned, Joy experimented with various Swarovski Crystal beads and stringing material to design the desired spacing and symmetry. In addition to the lovely design, when light meets the Aurora Borealis finish on the clear, faceted crystals it creates a magical prism effect.

The Snowflake PDF tutorial demonstrates step by step instructions to create the snowflake including a clear graphic of a complete design and a graphic identifying the individually numbered rows by color.

                Joy Harmon began sharing her passion for needle and fiber arts in 1998.

It was seven years later that she started teaching beading techniques, and by 2007 she was writing and teaching off-loom weaving, wire work, and bead stringing designs in bead stores and other venues. As a Marine Corps spouse Joy was inspired by her love for creating with beads to design a Military Button Jewelry line resulting in customers all over the world. Her jewelry and ornament designs have been commissioned for persons of interest such as the First Lady of the United States and foreign military representatives and historic landmarks such as the Home of the Commandants at U.S. Marine Corps Barracks Washington. Her passion remains in sharing the therapeutic value of art through teaching fiber arts in small support groups for military spouses, active duty and veteran recovery programs, and other support programs.

                More Joy Harmon Designs tutorials can be found in the Joy Harmon Designs Etsy Store including a differently shaped Snowflake Tutorial and 3-Dimensional Star Ornament Tutorials. Joy’s Military Button Jewelry Line and other Designs can be seen at her website, or one can peruse her design photo albums at her Joy Harmon Designs Facebook page.

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Thank you Joy for sharing your talent and love of beading with us!

If you haven't joined our beading adventure; we invite you to join us as we explore different beading techniques from amazing beading instructors world-wide!


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