November 2017 Artisan Project Featuring...

Szidonia Petki

of sidoniasbeads

Rivoli Pendant Tutorial


Thank you Szidonia for sharing your incredible talent with us this month!


"My introduction to beading happened totally by chance. I had never been attracted by any kind of crafts, although I had always had crafty things around me, with my mum making beautiful macramé doilies and made to measure garments​.​

Then, one day, I decided I wanted to do something to supplement my income. 

I​ choose jewelry making and started creating simple earrings​, like taking a drop bead and finding creative ways to wire wrap it and connect it to an ear wire. 

Then,​ towards the end of 2012,​ I stumbled upon some beading video tutorials and got fascinated by this craft I'd never heard of before.

The first beading technique I learned was RAW, then peyote and netting; and the thing I learned first and loved most, and still do, was bezeling various sizes and shapes of stones. The one I love most is a rectangular 27x18,5mm Swarovski stone which I made a ring of and called it Vintage Style ring, because of its shape and also colors which are at the opposite ends of the color wheel: red and green.

Since then I've had many of my projects published in various magazines, like Bead&Button, Beadwork, UK's Beads Magazine, etc.

I am so grateful to this ancient art of beading: It has given me the opportunity to express myself through its so many colors and shapes, and it has also given me the opportunity to teach, which I also love to do, and to connect with people all around the world, which is the most incredible and precious gift of all."

Have a yen to make earrings to match your pendant??   Szidonia has a great video tutorial to show you step by step.



 Szidonia is active online through, etsy, her personal website sidoniasbeads, and on youtube!


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Ready to join the beading adventure?  We would love to have you along on the journey!

Happy Beading!

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