October 2016 Artisan Project

...Seashore SuperDuo Wrap Bracelet

by Savanna Hall of Beadshop.com

BeadTrove.com is thrilled to present Janice Parson's Beadshop.com as our October feature. We have fallen in love with wrap bracelets and are very impressed by the quality of the resources from Beadshop.com.  Thank you for sharing your love of beads and beading with us!

Savanna Hall was inspired to create "Seashore" for beadshop.com from her love of the sea and the lovely blue-green color palette of the ocean. Made to highlight the Superduo, two-holed bead, this is a classic design meant for beaders of every level. The PDF instructions highlight the "Kelp" colorway, a dusky mix of green, blue and bronze.  The bracelet can be designed as a 2, 3 or more wrap. 

 Beadshop.com started in 1982 as a brick and mortar store in Palo Alto, CA. Owner Janice Parsons was a trailblazer in the bead business and created a legacy of firsts in the industry: producing a full-color bead catalog called 99 Beads that sent beads to customers world-wide; creating a jewelry education program through her stores that pushed the limits of creativity and techniques with extraordinary instructors and extensive class line-up; and finally offering the highest standard in product and customer service.


Over the years the snapshot of the business may have changed, but the mission statement still remains constant from the evolution of The Bead Shop to beadshop.com Janice says, "Whether this is your first time or your hundredth time visiting us, our goal is to bring you both products and projects that inspire you to create jewelry to treasure, give and share; jewelry that reflects your aesthetic and your style. And the best customer service around. Period." 

Janice and Co. have provided a treasure chest full of free resources and beading tips.
Beadshop.com's blog beadtable is the place to go for beading inspiration.

Beadshop.com is a "family" of beaders who are doing a fantastic job of bringing us great products and amazing projects. Thank you for the great job!

You can find Beadshop.com on facebook too... https://www.facebook.com/beadshopdotcom

A couple more favorite projects are below!

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