September 2016 Artisan Course

Drop Petal Necklace and Earrings

by Deborah Roberti

of Around the Beading Table

We are excited to introduce Debborah as our September 2016 featured artist.  She has an amazing website  full of detailed tutorials and useful beady information. 

Here is a bit of Deborah's story in her own words, "My introduction to beading began when my husband was helping a friend clean out his garage and he came home with a box of beads. I made some earrings and strung some necklaces but never developed more of an interest until I bought a book on beadweaving and I discovered right-angle weave. From that moment on, I was permanently hooked. That was several decades ago.

When I was first learning to bead, I attempted to follow numerous patterns from books and magazines but often found the instructions difficult to make heads or tails of so I gave up and went off in my own direction, learning enough about the different stitches to get me started. Maybe it is because of this that I write and illustrate my patterns so that any beader, even one with no experience whatsoever, can create my designs without much head-banging. This isn't always possible, but I do try hard, and it is very important to me.

What intrigues me most about beading is that it is an ancient art form, practiced in all cultures throughout time, with a history as rich and beautiful as the beadwork created. It's not just about making pretty baubles. I don't even wear much jewelry. However, many of these beadweaving stitches are centuries old and, like knitting and crochet, embody a long history of culture and tradition. I love being part of that."

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We love Deborah's many tutorials and variations she provides within the tutorials. If you click the pictures above you can explore some of Deborah's favorite patterns and tutorials.  Deborah thank you for sharing your talent with us! 

If you aren't already a part of our beading community join today or grab a past project to get started.  We hope that our love of beading inspires each of you in your beading journey.

Happy Beading!


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