September's NOT about Beading...

...we wish it was, but we don't always get what we wish for...

The view from our deck - fall in Alaska!


This month we are breaking from our traditional beading posts to non-beading topics.  We have had several inquiries about what our life is like in rural Alaska.  It is NOT like the "reality T.V." shows proclaim.  Life can be exciting and nail-biting from time to time, but generally we live a peaceful life in a breath-takingly beautiful spot on our planet.

We live in a small community of approximately 150 people.  Eagle, Alaska is located on the Yukon River just down from the Canadian border. We engage in a lot of subsistence activities, hence September is definitely not when much beading gets done.  We have been busy harvesting the garden, picking low-bush cranberries, making jams and syrups from the local berries including blueberry, raspberry and strawberries, and making sure our "guys" get fed when they show up between hunting trips.  Life seems to get a bit frantic this time of year as winter is looming upon us, don't get us wrong, we love winter but since the cold makes it difficult to get outside projects done, we look like the proverbial squirrel hiding nuts away this time of year.  We are trying to make sure we have all the supplies we need to 'make it' until next spring when the road opens.  As such we have a big shopping trip planned later this month and just hope we don't have to drive home with the trailer in snow.  We have included a few pictures of life in our neighborhood since a picture is "worth a thousand words".

When we get a few minutes in all the bustle, know that our fingers are itching to try out new beading patterns.


Check out these artists to see some potential future features:
We hope that your month is full of lots of Happy Beading time!
P.S. We are into reusing so most of the jars have held jam or other goodies before.




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