About Us

In the tiny, bush community of Eagle, Alaska, Krystie DePue began the search to find a unique birthday gift idea for her teenaged daughter,  something along the lines of a monthly subscription that catered to avid beaders. She was surprised to discover that no such service existed and thus, Bead Trove was born.

A life-long crafter, Krystie has been building her beaded jewelry business since 2000, expanding into 20 stores throughout Alaska.

In addition she meets with a group of women in Eagle each week to share ideas, teach and learn new beading techniques and patterns. Her passion for handcrafted items began when her Grandmother taught her to crochet before she was 6. It has allowed her to help provide for her family of six and now serves as an example to her daughter, so that she, too, can earn a living and enjoy the simple lifestyle of rural Alaska where she was raised.  

The beauty of Bead Trove is that it provides stunning bead patterns by indie artists and designers with an affordable monthly subscription.  Each month's box includes all the supplies needed for the subscriber to make a beautiful, unique creation. 

Got questions? Stuck on a pattern's instructions and not sure what to do? Bead Trove is dedicated to helping other beaders learn. Email us at info@beadtrove.com and check out Bead Trove’s blog! Each week, the Bead Trove blog offers beading tips and techniques as well as featuring your completed projects.  


Happy beading!